• Did you know you could pay as much as 17% less for your iPad mini duty free in the United States than in France?
  • Prices of products vary globally due to factors such as tax, labour, currency and brand pricing strategies
  • Now you can benefit. We help travellers shop smart whilst abroad by ranking identical products by price, in frequently travelled countries, using a constant currency. Get started.

What is ApplePriceIndex.com?

Welcome to Duty Free Addict – the world’s most intelligent duty free comparison website. The site compares duty free prices of a whole range of products such as; fragrances; alcohol; makeup; technology and fashion, at airport shopping locations worldwide.

Did You Know? USA is generally cheaper than London.

Duty Free Addict compares duty free prices of a whole range of products such as; fragrances; alcohol; makeup; technology and fashion, at airports worldwide.

Did You Know? Grey Goose is cheaper in Japan than Australia.

Duty Free Addict also ranks each duty free location based on its relative prices.

Did You Know? Singapore Changi Airport duty free is more expensive than Dubai Airport duty free.

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You are in Japan and you have a two hours to burn waiting for your flight to Sydney. What should you look for in duty free? Cosmetics, alcohol, cologne or fashion items?

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